Who Won the Blog Hop Book?

Just a short post today to say thank you to everyone who joined in the blog hop last Monday, organised by Steph at Blog in France . I enjoyed reading some new (to me) blogs and ‘meeting’ other bloggers and readers. Lots of people left comments on my post – thanks to all of them.

As part of the blog hop, I offered one lucky winner a signed copy of Foreign Flavours, an anthology of short stories and non-fiction pieces about food, drink and cooking around the world. My online, expat writers’ group Writers Abroad published the book last November and all profits from sales go to the Book Bus, a charity that aims to improve literacy rates among children in developing countries.

So, now to the winner – fumbles with envelope – and it is….

Jacqui at The French Village Diaries , who writes a great blog which was featured in Living France magazine last year. Congratulations, Jacqui, your prize will be in the post shortly. I hope you enjoy it.

(Actually, the SF picked Jacqui’s name out of a bag after I had laboriously typed out and then cut up all the names of people who had left a comment. We had been wondering what to do with the soft drawstring bag that came with his new hi-fi headphones – here was the perfect use for it.) 

Many thanks to Steph for organising the blog hop. It was fun. We’ll certainly do another one. 

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  1. This sounds wonderfrul, the sort of thing I keep thinking about wanting to do globally. Perhaps starting with my local blogging community is the first step. Thanks for sharing this one, and keep up the great blogs.


    • It was a lot of fun. Why not organise one? Ours had an expat theme so the blogs were mostly by expat people living in France. We had 19 blogs participating, which for me was about right since it took most of the day to go and read them all!


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