Photo copyright

The photographs featured on this blog are subject to copyright protection just as much as the text, whoever the photographer is.

Unless otherwise indicated, they have been taken by me and are Copyright © Vanessa Couchman. They may be reproduced only with my permission, which I am prepared to grant for non-commercial purposes, provided I am credited as the photographer, with a link to this blog.

For commercial purposes, please contact me on vanessa [dot] couchman [at] orange [dot] fr to obtain high resolution images. I may charge a fee for their use.

All other photos reproduced on this blog are:

  • Free to use from Wikimedia Commons or stock photo sites with the appropriate attribution.
  • Or they have been kindly donated with permission to use, with the appropriate attribution.
  • Or they are the copyright of guest posters or have been obtained by them and published with the appropriate permission and attribution.

I take copyright infringement very seriously and have endeavoured to ensure that all images from external sources reproduced on this blog are properly attributed and credited to the copyright-holder.