Ten Years Today: Life on La Lune Enters Double Figures

Life on La Lune celebrates its 10th birthday today. Unusually, this fact almost passed me by, mainly because I have still been catching up with things after last week’s absence of internet. There’s no significance to having started the blog on Valentine’s Day. It just happened like that. I remember it was a particularly gloomy, chilly Sunday, so I thought why not? And here we are, 10 years later.

From little acorns

When I pressed the publish button for my first post, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in technical terms. The learning curve was steep, and the initial posts were pretty amateurish. Neither did I really know what I wanted to write about, nor how long I planned to do it. Things sort of evolved from there.  

From that shaky start, I’ve written 669 posts on aspects of French life, language, culture and history. Nearly all of them are illustrated with my own photos (some better than others, I admit, as my photographic skills have developed).

Pleasures of blogging

Thanks to the internet, visitors come to the blog from every corner of the globe (if a globe can have corners). It’s been a particular pleasure to meet readers from afar when they’ve ventured to this part of France. And many of those I haven’t met feel like friends. I love reading your comments, some of which turn into long conversations!

It’s gratifying to have been at the receiving end of accolades from other bloggers and websites specialising in French life or information for expats. Thank you for those. I’ve also discovered some wonderful blogs, a handful of which I highlighted recently.

Also, I realise that Life on La Lune has become a resource, or at least a starting point, for people wanting to find out about the history of the region and places to visit. I hope that, as well as imparting factual information, I’ve been able to convey my deep attachment to the country that has become my adoptive home.   

By the way, I’ve just found out how to include a pre-made tweet in a post, so feel free to share if you wish.

French life blog, Life on La Lune celebrates 10 years of chronicling la vie française today! #France #blogging

Popular posts

Out of interest, I looked at the stats to see which of my posts have been the most popular of all time. And here they are:

Number 1: The Top Ten Maigret Novels

Number 2: Ten Reasons Not to Have a Swimming Pool

Number 3: Language Mistakes: 5 Things to Avoid Saying in French

Number 4: French Superstitions

Number 5: Getting the Blues: the Pastel Trade in Southwest France

La Basilique Saint-Sernin, Toulouse – rear view

The last one is a surprise, as I wouldn’t have thought it’s exactly a hot topic. But one thing I have learned from blogging is that you never really know which posts are going to appeal to readers’ imaginations.  

The future?

The question is: where now? I suppose that as long as I have something to write about, and as long as people continue to read it, Life on La Lune should plug on. The day either or both of those things grind to a halt, I will stop.  

In the meantime, un grand merci to everyone who’s accompanied me on this journey – some of you right from the start.

I’ll end with a question. What favourite topics do you like to read about on life in France blogs?

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  1. Hi Vanessa,
    This is my first time replying, but I discovered your blog a couple of years ago and really enjoy it. I love the quirky little things you highlight. Thanks to you we visited the lovely village of Monpezat de Quercy to see the tapestries in the collegiale when we were staying near Montcuq in 2018.
    We are Australian and have been visiting France since 2006 and the south west has become a favourite. We are returning this year and will again spend some time at Montcuq. We will be seeking out some of the places you have mentioned in your blog.
    Congratulations on this milestone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Rhondda, and thank you for commenting and for your kind words. I find the quirky things really interesting. There’s often quite a story behind them.
      I don’t know the Montcuq area so well as we are further southeast. But I am very fond of Cahors, which is about an hour’s drive from us. I’m sure you will have visited it: a place with a lot to discover.
      I hope you enjoy your return visit. Do feel free to ask me anything about the places you plan to visit. There’s a good chance I know many of them or can point you in the right direction.


  2. Congratulations Vanessa.
    I found your blogs when we were just exploring the idea of a move to France and living in Melbourne, Australia. We finally made the move two years ago to Saint Antonin Noble Val.
    Your blogs were a tremendous source of inspiration and we love reading about all the quirks and intricacies of French life.
    I hope that you keep them up, they are great fun to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello, Lisa. Thank you for your kind words. I’m pleased you enjoy the blog, and that it was useful when planning your move. I hope you’re enjoying la vie française. Moving from one country close by is one thing. Moving hemisphere is quite a different matter! Bon courage.


  3. Thank you for your interesting posts. Living in the area, I am always discovering new things on your blog. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a fabulous milestone, Vanessa – congratulations!!
    I so enjoy reading your stories, mostly because they open up a different area of France for me. You always come up with such interesting stories – long may you continue to find inspiration!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Vanessa,many congratulations on reaching this significant landmark.I always look forward to reading your articles on a special part of France which I have been fortunate to visit and hope to do so again very soon.
    My favourite articles you have posted are regarding the history of the region and in particular WW2.Living under a brutal occupying power provides a difficult subject to write about but I have found your articles well researched,fair and balanced and please continue to unearth these stories.
    Keep up the good work
    Best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind words, Stuart. I hope you’ll get in touch if you come this way. I know you have a particular interest in WW2, which as you say can be difficult to write about. I will certainly write more on that topic when the stories arise. Best wishes, Vanessa.


  6. Congrats on the 10-year blogaversary! I’m a few years behind you, having started around this time in 2013. It will probably come as no surprise that I enjoy the culture and language tips (and clashes) best! Also the stories behind the traditions, people and places. Hope you find inspiration to keep on sharing your stories!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s amazing how time flies. When I started, I never thought the blog would go on for this long, but somehow there is always something to write about. Occasionally, inspiration is elusive, as I expect you know. If it ever dries up, I will down tools.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Well done Vanessa!
    I particularly like anything with a historical or cultural perspective.
    I’m always impressed by the detail you are able include on any topic.
    Excellent job – hope you will always feel motivated to contunue.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Terry. I collect facts like a sponge, and I particularly like the quirky or off the beaten track stuff. I’ll go on as long as I have something to say!


  8. Congratulations on your tenth birthday. I really enjoy your blog and can travel from the couch potato position to your part of France anytime. One day, I’ll get off the sofa and visit in person. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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