Fête Time at Teysseroles


Chapelle de Teysseroles by local artist James Burr
Chapelle de Teysseroles by local artist James Burr

It’s that time of year again. La fête de Teysseroles, the chapel we are helping to restore, looms on the horizon. This is our big annual fundraiser, which attracts more than 200 revellers and swells our coffers by several thousand euros.

The team has been putting in a lot of work over the past few weeks. Top priority has been to tidy the churchyard and brush-cut our outdoor dining room beneath the trees. These work days are always punctuated by a convivial four-course lunch, when everyone brings a dish to share. It’s not easy to resume the work afterwards.

Last Saturday, we had the help of a master wall-builder from Limogne. Although retired, he just loves building walls. With his help, the rebuilding of the derelict wall near the churchyard gate advanced by 12 metres.

Further work on the chapel itself has to wait until we get planning permission. We have done what we can as volunteers but, since the chapel is an historic monument, specialist work has to be planned by an architect and carried out by professionals. The process is underway but takes a long time.

As ever in SW France, a lot of the publicity is done by word of mouth. But we have also been plastering the area with posters and flyers.

Teysseroles 2014
Teysseroles 2014

The fête will take place on Sunday 22nd June. The programme is as follows:

  • 10h30 open-air mass (not obligatory, certainly not for me)
  • 12h30 apéritif
  • Lunch: salades, grilled lamb and sausages, cheese, cakes and fruit, wine, coffee etc.
  • Entertainment, games, tombola, plant stall.


  • Non-members of the association – €18
  • Members – €15
  • Children – €8

If you live in, or find yourself in, the area, come along. It’s a convivial, family event and a lot of fun is had by all – even if we had to put up a marquee last year against the frightful weather.

Everyone seated out of the weather 2013
Everyone seated out of the weather 2013


How it was 2012
How it was 2012


Prior reservation is essential:

  • Email via association.teysseroles@gmail.com (French)
  • Phone via 06 14 93 40 52 (French)
  • If you prefer to book in English, you can do it via me – please use the contact form in the top bar above.

Venez nombreux, as they say, and watch this space for a report on the proceedings.

For other posts about the work on the chapel, please see Teysseroles chapel under ‘Topics’ in the sidebar. You might also like:

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  1. Brigitte and I wish we could be there. We have some lovely memories from last year. We keep our fingers crossed that you will get the 2012 kind of weather and we’ll think of you all weekend! Please send our best to the others in the staff!


    • I have memories of you both working very hard! The weather is lovely right now, so we hope it will stay like that. The thought of putting up that tent again makes my heart quail.


  2. Looks lovely. I always enjoyed the village fete back in deepest darkest Herefordshire, but good weather is a must. Hope you get lots of sunshine.
    Just wondering not apropos this at all, will you translate your novel into French?


    • Sorry, Susan, only just getting around to replying. We are keeping an eye on the weather forecast but it’s still 9 days away.
      My own French, while reasonably fluent, isn’t good enough to translate my novel. But I hope that it might get translated at some point and will be following this up with the publishers.


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