Carol Services with the Parisot Choir

Christmas crèche at Parisot
Christmas crèche at Parisot

This is just a quick heads-up about two carol services that le Choeur de Parisot will be giving this year under the direction of maestro Peter Nowfel. Both concerts will feature the usual readings and medley of carols (in French and English) plus some Christmas songs performed by the choir only.

  • Sunday 15th December in the church at Limogne-en-Quercy (Lot), starting at 16h00.
  • Saturday 21st December in the church at Parisot (Tarn-et-Garonne), also starting at 16h00.
Parisot - Eglise de Saint-Andéol
Parisot – Eglise de Saint-Andéol

Being an international choir, the readings will be in a variety of languages: French, English, Dutch, Occitan and…Swedish (courtesy of my husband).

Getting there early is strongly advised if you want a decent seat. Last year the church at Parisot was packed to capacity. People were seated behind the altar, on the steps up to the pulpit, basically anywhere they could find a seat. Some even had to stand in the aisle. We must have broken a few health and safety regulations. But, as Père Serge, the local priest who is also a choir member, pointed out, you can’t shut the doors of the church against people.

Venez nombreux if you live in the area or are visiting. This is a great way to get the festive season off to a cracking start.

Noël 2013 single parisot

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  1. We are planning to come to Parisot on Saturday 21st for your carols … we’ll try and get there before 16.00, taking note of your warning! Hope to see you there. Lizx


    • I’m so glad you’re planning to come. Last year, it was a real scrum so I would advise getting there half an hour or so before if you want to get a good seat. Hope we will see you there.


    • Thanks, Deborah, it did. And with luck it will go even better on Saturday at Parisot. There are some interesting differences between the French and the British approach to carol services, which I might blog about.


  2. This makes me very envious. Would love to be part of an international choir but haven’t found anything in my area. Enjoy your concerts!


    • Recent research shows that choir singing is beneficial both physically and mentally. We do have a particularly international population in this area – at least for the past 10 years. When we first arrived in 1997, it wasn’t quite like that. I hope you find a choir you could join where you live. There’s a lot to recommend it.


    • We didn’t celebrate Lucia specially yesterday, although of course Per remembers it well. It’s a long time since he last lived in Sweden… I know Willie is a great choir singer. Our choir here is quite an international effort, even in la France profonde.


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