Foreign Flavours: A New Anthology from Writers Abroad

Foreign Flavours front cover

The online writing group I belong to, Writers Abroad, publishes today a new anthology of short stories and non-fiction articles, entitled Foreign Flavours. The theme of the anthology is food, drink and recipes from around the world.

It is a tantalizing collection of fiction and non-fiction, full of spice and flavour and sprinkled with mouth-watering recipes. The wide-ranging, sometimes bittersweet, contributions show how adaptable an ex-pat has to be to leave familiar dishes behind and venture into the culinary unknown.

Two pieces of mine are in it: ‘The Beekeeper’, a short story set in Corsica, and ‘When to Eat in Corsica’, a non-fiction article.

This is the second anthology published by Writers Abroad. All the contributors are, or have been, ex-pats living in places around the globe. Alexander McCall Smith, acclaimed author of The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series and himself an ex-pat, has written the preface.

Foreign Flavours contains 64 contributions. Thirty-four are non-fiction articles and 30 are short stories. The anthology also includes 33 recipes.

Contributors live in and have written about the following places: Albania, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Corsica, Cyprus, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malawi, Mallorca, Morocco, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Wales.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to The Book Bus, a charity whose aim is to bring literacy and the joy of reading to children in the developing world. 

The paperback print version of Foreign Flavours is available from Lulu from today, Monday 24th October, price £9.60 (€10.99). At around 250 pages, it’s great value. An e-book version will be available soon.

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  1. I wholeheartedly endorse this book – and not just because two of my stories appear in it!

    Stroll from a butcher’s shop in Spain to a tea-stall in Bangladesh; taste nsima, the staple Malawian dish, or futuristic olive substitutes from another planet; meet Mrs Garcia who sells the tastiest tomatoes in the south of France; discover bhelpuri from India and vincisgrassi from Italy…this beautifully illustrated collection of fiction, non-fiction and recipes is a true feast which has something for everyone.
    A great feelgood Christmas gift; but buying it you will help less privileged people enjoy the pleasures of reading.


  2. It looks very impressive. However, I’ll wait for the ebook version, being a Kindle addict. By the way, Vanessa, have you swapped your account to I did mine, but wish I hadn’t as I can’t get free ebooks from any more. They’re several euro on but I usually circumvent by downloaded from Smashwords. However, occasionally the books aren’t on there so I miss out on a free read!


    • We don’t have a definite date for the ebook version yet but I’ll keep you posted. No, I’m still with My husband bought a Kindle in France but when he registered it automatically went to .com. I’ve been getting free classics from .com. I’d much rather be with but haven’t tried to switch yet. Can you switch back to .com?


    • That would be great if you did, Sue, thanks very much. As I said, all profits go to the Book Bus, which we felt was a deserving cause. I hope you enjoy the anthology – there’s a lot in it!


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