Head in the stars, feet firmly on the ground

Just a short aside to transmit something I heard on the French news a couple of days ago. Did you know that seven out of ten French people consult their horoscope every day? Despite the fact that astronomers have proved that the constellations are no longer the same as they were when the ‘science’ of astrology was developed, people persist in giving credence to it and even regulating their lives by it.

Here, I have to admit that I look at mine every Saturday in Le Figaro Madame magazine. If it’s favourable, I’m quite happy to believe in it; if not, then clearly it’s a lot of rubbish. They always hedge it round with ifs and buts, anyway.

Does any of it ever come true? Have I come into the fortune that my horoscope promised me a while ago? You know the answer.

P.S. My birth sign is Virgo.


  1. I believe every word of it. Especially my daily outlook in La Provence. My aubergines have indeed become big and juicy. I have had to be patient while others ignore me (tractor all the way up hill). I have had to resist eating too many pattes d’ours to preserve my sense of well-being. The passionate tall dark stranger – le chasseur – is just around the corner, and, as a Scorpio, I will know exactly what to do with him.


  2. Like you, I pick and choose whether to believe in my horoscope or not!
    We’re a family of fire signs (2 Sagittarians, 1 Leo and 1 Aries) with just one water sign (Cancer) to keep us all calm in theory – but in fact he’s the most hot-headed of us all! So, the jury’s out as to whether there’s anything in it all.


    • I am apparently a typical Virgo – level-headed, sensible, meticulous and thoroughly boring! I do, however, have flashes of out of character rebellion from time to time and then all hell breaks loose.


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