Not very prolific yet

What did I do last week?  For much of the time I’ve been messing about trying to get this blog up and running. This has been a good excuse not to get on with any writing. I console myself by saying that it will be fine-tuning for the blog from here on. I also went to a really enjoyable poetry reading with a Valentine’s theme at the English Library in Villefranche de Rouergue on Friday.  Perhaps it’s better if I say what I’ve done in the past month:

  •  Submitted an article on ‘The 1st decade of the 21st century’ to the Writer’s Bureau student ezine. And … ta da! It was chosen and published! So I got lucky with my very first effort (hope it won’t be the last time).
  • Sent off my first Writer’s Bureau assignment and am waiting, with some trepidation, for it to be returned with my tutor’s comments.
  • Submitted an article for a competition run by a UK historical magazine.
  • Sent in a letter to a French lifestyle mag, a garden tip to another mag, a question to a writing ezine and also an entry to their first lines competition. Fingers crossed.
  • Started a couple of articles on aspects of French life for potential submission to suitable mags.

 Mm. Think I need to increase my output.

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  1. How clever you are Vanessa – to have got even this far leaves me weak with admiration. I share your sentiments over the loneliness of the writer – especially a long-distance one, you in SW France and me by Hadrian’s Wall. With that in mind I’ve signed up for a course in writing radio plays, so I can speak to someone one the way. I once had a little play put on in the theatre and it was so nice to talk, even if it was only actors telling me they couldn’t do whatever I’d said they must.

    So bon courage ma chere, and keep it up!


    • Hi Jenny, I just love being told I’m clever – it doesn’t happen nearly often enough! We writers need to stick together. One of the things I find difficult is not having other people around to provide criticism/encouragement/sympathy etc. There are websites/forums for writers but it’s not the same as belonging to a group or writers’ circle.

      Keep coming back; I am slowly getting the hang of blogging.


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